Who’s Your Caddy? WYC Branding Guidelines

Logo Usage Guidelines

The WYC App Icon is the foundation of the WYC visual identity. The consistent use of this icon throughout time will underscore the strength of the WYC brand worldwide.


All ads and marketing materials using WYC App Icon must be approved before distribution or publishing. Please contact info@whosyourcaddy.com to request files and for approval of usage.


Clear Space

Make sure the WYC App Icon is protected from any other conflicting imagery or graphics by providing it with adequate clear space. This space also represents the minimum distance from the edge or border of any element in which the logo is used. The clear space is defined by the width of the W in the example.

Minimum Sizes

In order to maintain the logo’s integrity and legibility, the minimum permissible size of the
main brand logo is 2 inches wide.



The main colors used in the WYC logo are green, white, red and blue. The chart below shows the approved color formulations for the main logo when used in print and electronic environments.

Sample Color Pantone RGB Hex
  Light Green 383 U 174,245 0 #aef500
  Dark Green 371 U 52,121,0 #347900
  Blue 299 U 2,137,252 #0289fc
  Red 187 U 178,18,17 #b21211


Solid color: The logo may be used on solid color backgrounds. When deciding a background, choose based on highest contrast for best legibility.
Photography/illustration: To avoid compromising the legibility of the logo when using it on photography or illustration, make sure the area in which the logo is placed is simple and has minimal contrast. Nothing should inhibit the legibility of the logo.
Do not place logos on backgrounds with distracting patterns or complex, high-contrast images.

Logo Options

The full color versions of the WYC icon is the primary logo and should be used whenever possible.
Additional versions of the icon (see below) are available to include a range of options for varied production purposes. Additionally, logo files are available in a variety of file formats for print and electronic publishing.
Please do not:
• Change or manipulate icon files.
• Add additional type, graphics or colors to icon.
• Rotate the icon — they should always maintain a horizontal orientation.


There is one typeface used in the main brand.

Helvetica Neue: Condensed Black
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