Jack Nicklaus Learning League Partners with Red Mat Media For New Mobile App and Web Team Suite

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Jack Nicklaus Learning League Partners with Red Mat Media For New Mobile App and Web Team Suite

SALT LAKE CITY, UT —Red Mat Media (RED MAT), leaders in custom digital and mobile solutions, Starting New at Golf (SNAG®) Golf and the Jack Nicklaus Learning League (JNLL) are pleased to announce their powerful league technology development. RED MAT will provide a customized mobile app that will allow sports league members and enthusiasts to access everything via one portal, on-the-go, 24/7. RED MAT will also provide web-based team tools and technology, making it easier for coaches and players to communicate with teammates and parents, participate in league activities, organize game and practice schedules.

The web-based system is easily set up by coaches and offers the user a customized experience that flows into a mobile app. The user’s app homepage is personalized and contains a menu with a calendar, roster, overview, video library, notifications and a team overview with a snapshot of their team, record, results of game play, and schedules for upcoming games and practices. The roster is interactive and allows users to share information with their teammates. Team players have their own Locker RoomTM, a private area that only they (and their parents) can view—that includes notes, videos and game photos posted by their coach. If a game or practice is cancelled or postponed, a notification can be sent out immediately to the user’s smartphone. The video library contains tips for game improvement from coaches as well as professionals in the sport, and can be viewed anytime, allowing players to focus on instruction and skill building even when they are off the field. There is also a feature called “Jack’s Corner” with special messages, notifications and game instruction tips that are sent directly from golfing legend, Jack Nicklaus himself.

“The Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues (JNLL) is proud to announce our association with RED MAT as our technology provider for the League’s individual team and league websites. In addition to our individual league and team websites, Red Mat will be breaking new ground with a unique communication tool called our “Locker Room” which is a smartphone/tablet based app to provide individual and personalized communication, text messaging, content delivery and video instruction directly to the players and their parents on their personal smart devices.

In our technology-driven world, we cannot just match competing sports, such as: baseball, football, tennis and swimming. Instead, our golf leagues must lead in technology and direct communication to this very mobile-based population—the parents and players of today’s generation. RED MAT is teaming with the JNLL to become leaders in sports team communication, content and video streaming across multiple platforms. This is future of sports teams, and the JNLL with technology provided by RED MAT, is poised to become that future,” says Terry Anton, CEO of SNAG®.

“Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues (JNLL), using SNAG® programming and equipment, powered by RED MAT, is rolling out in Parks and Recreation Facilities around the world to increase access to and engagement in the game of golf for youth and active adults. In an effort to be more competitive with other sports, golf will enter the team sport arena through parks and recreation facilities across the country. JNLL will make golf and golf instruction available on a broader basis, and provide a safe, affordable, and accessible golf experience while developing a long-term sustainable model feeding into golf courses for future generations. These Leagues will provide quality instruction and progression for entry-level golfers to become engaged in the game of golf (in Jack’s words, “and make it fun”) to the point where they are ready to transition to more traditional equipment at a golf course,” says Anton.

“The SNAG® Golf programming has been several years in the making to ensure age-appropriate programming to develop golf motor skills as well as the culture of the game The program is intended to be activity-based; with progressive instruction to occur as the skill level develops.  Play will be the focus of the program in a non-competitive format. The mobile application will be enormous in making the SNAG®/JNLL program accessible. Being digital and mobile, people can access the app 24/7 and use it as a central portal for their golfing instruction activities. What RED MAT has created is a powerful technology that can be used by sports leagues and organizations to further their missions and streamline their efforts in stat keeping, scoring, game scheduling, instructional material, including a video library. It is a huge step forward for sports organizations, offering convenience, organizational prowess and savings. No more paper, no more sticky notes—it all can be done through this powerful app,” says Tim Lyon, CEO of Red Mat Media.

ABOUT SNAG® GOLF/JACK NICKLAUS LEARNING LEAGUE (JNLL): In an effort to bring golf into the mainstream of youth sports, golf legend Jack Nicklaus has embarked on an initiative to grow the game with the assistance of SNAG® (Starting New at Golf) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).  The new Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues, powered by SNAG®, will be introduced at select local parks and recreation facilities in 2014, making golf available to youngsters as a team sport.  The innovative Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues, combined with SNAG’s well-established, first-touch development program, will provide a golf learning experience for children, ages 5 through 12, in a safe, affordable and accessible environment. Jack Nicklaus has been an important advocate for growing the game and he envisions that with SNAG’s programming and modified equipment, and the active participation of local parks and recreation agencies through the National Recreation and Park Association, golf at last will have a competitive standing with such team sports as soccer, basketball and football. JNLL is administered by G.O.L.F. (the Global Outreach for Learning Foundation) It is a 501c3 entity (status pending), that has been established to raise the necessary funds to help underwrite the establishment of the Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues across the United States. For more: www.thegolfoundation.org.

ABOUT RED MAT MEDIA: Experts in relationship marketing, Red Mat Media brings a fresh voice, distinctive ideas, innovative concepts, and positive messaging to customized print, digital, audio, mobile, and visual communications. From award-winning websites, digital publications, mobile tagging, and mobile apps, we deliver a portfolio of custom communications tools that strengthen current relationships and form successful new alliances. Our clients receive the benefits of exceptionally high editorial and design standards, savvy business development and creative teams, and an advanced technology infrastructure that enables clients to manage, track, and analyze the success of targeted relationships. For more: www.redmatmedia.com.

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