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Become part of the fun and lucrative sales opportunity with Who's Your Caddy.   You will work with courses in your sales area to get them involved in this FREE program!  And, make great money selling ads to local merchants and businesses at incredibly competitive ad rates. Learn what the Who's Your Caddy App is all about, and submit your information to be part of our team!

Why Us?
Red Mat Media, parent company of Who’s Your Caddy, is in the midst of launching one of the most revolutionary mobile golf applications for smart phones. This golf application contains the same basic features of the current hottest selling golf apps. While their app sells for up to $49 for a single download, ours is FREE to the golfer. But that is just the beginning of what this golf app is about and what involvement could mean for you.

The Rundown
Red Mat Media has created a mobile marketing platform that includes this amazing golf app. It’s an app that captures the attention of a powerful and influential buying demographic, the golfer, and drives foot and web traffic to local merchants.  Local Merchants will purchase advertising in the app, at an extremely reasonable rate, where their ad will then be seen on a rotating basis in the sales area they choose to advertise in – which can be their own county or any combination of counties. Merchants can also receive a reduced ad rate by supplying a certain amount of partnered product to be used as prizes and incentives in the app, reaching the golfer directly through our push technology, and driving foot traffic to the merchant’s business. 

Your Part
As a sales representative for Red Mat Media, you would be responsible for the servicing and set up of golf courses in your designated sales area, and sales and servicing of advertising packages to local merchants. Ad Sales Bonuses will be paid based on merchant ad spending and could allow you an opportunity to make a substantial income
in our program.

You can add this program to your existing ad sales platform, or have this as your primary sales revenue. Please indicate your interest by submitting the information requested to the right. Once submitted, we will contact you for an interview and to request information for the next phase of your participation. Thank you for your interest in Red Mat Media’s Who’s Your Caddy Mobile Marketing Program!

We invite you to see some of the screen shots of our incredible Who’s Your Caddy golf app! (see left column)

  • No Cost To Participate!

  • Exclusive insider ‘Caddy’ Tips

  • Gimmes

  • GPS System

  • Score Card

  • Instructional Video Library

  • Statistics




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